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COVID-19 may have prevented us from being face to face with our global agriculture mates, OEMs, and collaborators over the past couple of years. However, it certainly has not slowed down our development of farming technology.

Better profitability and addressing projected demands driven by global climate change seem to be the driving factors.

FarmscanAg Director Callum Chalmers attended the event with our Australian sister company SmartAG Solutions at AGRITECHNICA Asia in Bangkok last month. The event showcased new farming technology & also included some exciting technology demonstrations. The live (yes, they were live!) presentation and discussion sessions on current and innovative farming solutions were all well attended and enjoyable.

Here are FarmscanAg’s ‘Top 4 Takeaways’ from the event;

1. Considerable more Drone Spraying is being used in Asia, driven by smaller fields and multi-farm communities buying this technology.

2. Ultra-low labour costs still mean that technology uptake is slower in Eastern markets –Governments and Educational Institutions are changing this status quo.

3. Increased focus on Vertical Farming being driven by space and the need for higher efficiency food production closer to the user market.

4. Eastern farming is starting to see more 100HP+ tractors being used, replacing many of the tiny 40 and 60HP models seen previously.

If you are interested you can read the official press release HERE.

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