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7000 Series

Versatile range of fertiliser spreaders, monitors and controllers

Whether you’re after a fertiliser spreader or spraying or seeding solution, we have designed the 7000 series to give OEMs one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly range of monitors and controllers.

With capabilities including spraying, seeding and spreading applications, the 7000 series is incredibly adaptable. The option to customise the display with branded colours to suit your farm machinery and equipment is just one of the many features of the series.

The fertiliser spreader solution, spray controller, and seed controllers are a truly reliable piece of agriculture technology, with the 7000 Series Custom Solution providing a more tailored solution for unique applications.

Our Complete 7000 Series

74v1 Spray Controller

Up and down hills or through boggy conditions, the 74V1 spray controller compensates for changes in speed, pump pressure or section shutdown to maintain the target rate you select.

7300 Fertiliser Spreader

A truly reliable feritiliser spreader, the 7300 delivers unprecedented flexibility and control for spreading operations, together with an integrated USB facility and task control capabilities.

7500 Seed Controller

The 7500 delivers unprecedented flexibility and control over airseeder operation together with an integrated USB facility and task control capabilities, ready to run manual or fully automatic variable rates.

Custom Agriculture Monitor & Controller - Farmscan AG - Agriculture Technology

7000 Series Custom Solution

Designed for efficient seeding, spreading and spraying, our 7000 Series custom solution combines products from the 7000 Series in a single software package, displayed on a full colour 4.3" screen.

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