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Jackal Controller

The Farmscan Jackal is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of controllers for agriculture

We say the Jackal of all trades because we mean it. There are many ways that the Farmscan Jackal has been described, but nothing quite captures it completely – mainly because it is so versatile and can be set up in a multitude of ways.

Our Jackal is a compact and robust agritech monitor that adapts to just about any challenge you throw its way. Performing simultaneous tasks, recording trips, and with smart alarms across 12 outputs, the Jackal is the perfect agritech addition to any farming application.

Farmscan Ag's Jackal Multifunction Monitor


Area / Acre, Flow, Speed, Tacho, Batch & Depth


Rate, pressure, temperature


Controls spray, spread and seeding functions


All Farmscan AG Systems products come language-ready. Ask us for your specific language file in English, French or German.


Our exclusive wizard calibration makes setup a breeze

The Jackal is a compact and robust agritech monitor that adapts to just about any farm machinery it comes across

Our wizard calibration keeps the setup simple. You can choose to enter a factor from a pre-calibrated sensor, like pulses per litre/kilo, or use the system to calculate new calibration factors for each trip.


More capabilities

  • Ground speed and hectare measurement
  • Flow meter to the batch function and easy tank fill
  • Bin or tank level sensor, liquid or solid
  • Depth indicator to your seeding operation
  • Shaft or spinner speed
  • Simple count per pulse
  • Wheel slippage with GPS versus ground speed
  • Flow Meter (L/Min) or shaft sensor (kh/Ha) with ground speed
  • Monitor pressure to kPa or PSI with our sensor
  • Engine and oil temperatures. 

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Monitor multiple functions

In a four-bin and tank air seeder application, a single Jackal can monitor and display several seed roller/feeder, bin levels, air pressure, and tine or plow depth

Daylight LCD Screen

The Jackal is designed with a large, easy to read daylight LCD screen so your customised input and output labels give you clear, descriptive data when you need it

12 inputs for control

12 inputs combine to a single output for emergency shutdown, batching, and speed proportional pulse outputs. Set high and low alarms to trigger emergency stop before you need it

Monitor trip counters

Multiple counters track several jobs at once per trip while calculating overall totals. Put the Jackal ‘on hold’ when parts of the trip need to be excluded from the overall total by operator or machine

Simple calibration

Our onboard calibration wizard makes setup simple. Enter a calibration factor from a pre-calibrated sensor, like pulses per litre/kilo, or use the Jackal to calculate new calibration factors for each trip

Live data as your scroll

Enhanced trip function for single/cumulative use, shorten input labels for more onscreen data, 1UP, 2UP or 3UP line display, and radar function output

Customise individual inputs

Set high/low alarm points for each input, run them to an external buzzer or visual alarm, and auto-calculate or manually set your calibrations

Quick and easy setup

Simple wizards for fast setup; area/speed meter, area/speed meter with GPS, tacho meter, flowmeter, slippage meter and our own Farmscan Ag wizard