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Liquid Fertiliser Application

Crop spraying and liquid fertilizer application solutions to help you manage inputs and optimize chemical usage on farms. Our control solutions are designed to support a range of styles and implementations.

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Rate Control

Full GPS rate control for managing accurate liquid application.

Auxiliary Tanks

More than one tank to control?
No problem – we support up to six tanks.

Electric Pumps

Ask about our high-current controllers for DC electric pump applications! We can support multiple pumps operating simultaneously.

Dual Line

We also support dual line technology with single, secondary or combined line controls.

Dual Product

Support for multiple products at once, utilised all through one control system.

Flexible Installation

Compatible with cultivators, sprayers and front-mounted, we can fit applicators onto almost any system.

Liquid Fertiliser & Crop Spraying Solutions

The following products support full controls for liquid fertilising and crop spraying. Simply select your desired system to explore the features.

Jackal Spray Controller - Crop Spraying - Farmscan AG

Jackal Spray Controller

Jackal range

All-in-one, simple, effective Spray Rate Control System

Crop Spraying - Farmscan AG - Agricultural Technology

74V1 Spray Controller & Monitor

7000 Series

Customisable touch screen with mapping and full Spray Rate Control Features

ISOBUS Solution

Full ISOBUS Spray Control Integration

Comprehensive farming technology to elevate success for OEMs & Manufacturers

In a world growing more dependent on efficient agriculture, Farmscan AG is focused on providing manufacturers and OEMs with high-efficiency tools to achieve their goals. From autonomous farming to crop sprayer technology, liquid fertiliser application, ISOBUS technology and more, Farmscan AG supports you in maximising agriculture profitability and efficiency. 

About Farmscan AG

Since 1976, Farmscan AG has developed, acquired and employed industry leading technologies, innovations and innovators to help farmers become among the world’s most efficient producers using a complete range of electronics to steer, map, monitor and control spraying, spreading, planting and harvesting machinery.

From its roots in Western Australia, Farmscan AG has grown into the international entity that it is today. Working closely with its Australian sister company, SmartAG Systems, Farmscan AG is able to straddle the far-reaching requirements of the worldwide agricultural community, taking the best practices from opposite sides of the world and melding them into the engineering packages that are offered today.

Farmscan AG is committed to driving the precision agriculture market forward, striving to develop and create cutting-edge technologies to support the farmers of tomorrow.

More Farming Technology Solutions

At Farmscan AG we go above and beyond to develop long term relationships with our OEMs and manufacturers to ensure we provide the best and most efficient software and hardware solutions to support your goals.

Engineering Services

Use our tried and proven software to ‘fast track’ an Engineered Solution for your application

Autonomous Vehicle Package

Our offer a comprehensive array of autonomous modular solutions for diverse applications

Liquid Fertiliser Application

Look over our comprehensive range of Liquid Fertiliser applicators, designed to support a range of implements


Discover one of the most extensive ranges of crop sprayer solutions available in the market today


This diverse range of seeding and planting products cover ALL your application needs

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